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CustomerCentric Selling

CustomerCentric Selling

CustomerCentric Selling: Michael T. Bosworth, John R. Holland, and Frank Visgatis. 2nd edition. McGraw-Hill,New York , c2010. ISBN:9780071637084


How it's Used: Use CustomerCentric selling to discover how to conduct sales conversations with your marketing content. See Solution Development, Sales Ready Messaging, Success Stories, Solution Development Prompters.

A great online introductory tutorial on CustomerCentric Selling can be found by clicking here.








Use the 99 Questions 
Methodology to create
content that aligns
your Sales and 
Marketing teams!
Generate Leads that
create more sales

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Designed to stimulate
thinking about your current
and desired selling
environments, and to
prompt dialog between
senior executives, sales
management and sales
people, my book is all
about the best practices
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sales teams!

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Sales-in-a-Box is an easy
5-step process to create
more sales for your bus-
iness using best practices
techniques that combine
messaging strategy,
content development,
websites and other 
technologies, and
sales tools. 

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