What is 99 Questions?

"99 Questions to Achieving Your Sales Goals" is our new book designed to stimulate thinking about your current and desired selling environments, and to prompt dialog between senior exectives, sales management and sales people about the best practices in creating and managing sales teams. It's ironic, but in our experience, the best sales teams execute on the common sense practices that seem to be ignored by average and failing teams. Things like continually updating opportunties in CRM and focusing sales managers on really coaching and managing sales people, instead of turning them into one-man sales teams.

But there's way more to 99 Questions than just a checklist for Sales Managers.

For example, if you are like me, you don't sit down every day and write a blog post, tweet or update your Fan page. The truth is that for most people, trying to blog like Chris Brogan or Dan Schwabel is not going to happen. I don't blog for a living, and while I do subscribe to social media, I spend a lot of my time helping Sales VP's and their teams go sell stuff. 99 Questions to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Many executives have this issue. They know they need to provide the vision and direction, or even provide the key message that everyone in the organziation rallies around. (Or they have really good marketing people who tell them what to say.) Many of my clients are so busy they can't find time to learn good sales practices, let alone write a white paper or work with their Marketing team on messaging.

As a subject matter expert, I heavily rely on content to provide clients with insights into my knowledge and expertise. Prospective clients want to know if they hire me, what is it I'm going to do? And then there's this little issue of people actually knowing who I am.

Okay, so you've never heard of me? Ouch!

One day I was meeting with my friend John Fox at Venture Marketing, and he told me a about a new program he was developing, based on his book "99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain". It's a great book, and if you look in the back of it (or on Amazon, as refrenced by the above link), you'll see that both Jill Konrath and I happily endorsed John's book. Now, here's the best part: this book is really a SECRET WEAPON. Why?

99 Questions is not just a book - it's a marketing strategy!

That’s because when I developed 99 Questions, I realized it accomplished several marketing tasks:

  • First, I had to think about the audience who would buy my book. I had to select a title, assess other books for salespeople as my “competitors”, and design the book cover and logo so that my audience would recognize my “brand”.
  • Second, I had to develop the actual 99 questions that went into the book content. As I created the questions, I realized these were the same topics I spoke with my clients about when I discovered their challenges and opportunities.
  • Third, I went through the process of learning how to publish the book. That process gave me to access to Amazon, and based on that I worked on how to market and deliver the book to my audience. Believe me, if you’ve not studied how books are sold on Amazon, it’s an entire workshop by itself!

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Designed to stimulate
thinking about your current
and desired selling
environments, and to
prompt dialog between
senior executives, sales
management and sales
people, my book is all
about the best practices
in creating and managing
sales teams!

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