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Welcome to my Resources & Tools page, where you will find links and my downloadable content. I've organized this section of my site to focus on three areas:

  • 99 Questions provides background about my book, "99 Questions to Achieving Your Sales Goals". This book is for executives, sales managers and sales people who want to understand how to build and manage a better sales team. Also, I have included in this section some discussion of the 99 Questions approach to developing marketing content.
  • Sales-in-a-Box provides the links and downloadable content from my Sales-in-a-Box presentation and workshops. Here you will find my SIB presentation, which provides details about SIB, what's "in the box", and information on specific techniques described in the presentation.
  • Sales Management Skills will be a section where I include specific content about how to be a better Sales Manager. 
  • Sales Operations is going to include content, links and articles about the more technical aspects of sales management, including technology tools, such as CRM, analytics, Aftercare, and other tools I use and teach my clients to deploy for their sales teams.

I'll be adding new content to these sections on a frequesnt basis, and will announce these items both in my blog and other social media. I hope these items will help you develop your skills and capablilities, as well as generate more revenue for your business.

Contact me with any questions or requests for items you'd like to see on the site.








Use the 99 Questions 
Methodology to create
content that aligns
your Sales and 
Marketing teams!
Generate Leads that
create more sales

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You can get started today
by taking my free no-obligation
99 Questions Survey
that’s right, the same content
in my book “99 Questions
to Achieving Your Sales
Goals” is available to help
you evaluate your sales team.

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Designed to stimulate
thinking about your current
and desired selling
environments, and to
prompt dialog between
senior executives, sales
management and sales
people, my book is all
about the best practices
in creating and managing
sales teams!

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Sales-in-a-Box is an easy
5-step process to create
more sales for your bus-
iness using best practices
techniques that combine
messaging strategy,
content development,
websites and other 
technologies, and
sales tools. 

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