What is MBA4Sales?

Sales Management Skills

MBA4Sales is about how to buiild and develop best practices sales teams. It's based on my personal experience as a Sales executive, Sales Team Manager and VP of Sales over 30 years of selling technology, consumer products, and consultuing services. I recognized many years ago that selling is difficult enough without having a best-practices approach - there's too much hype, too little consideration for the practical, the ethical and what really works.

In my opinion:

  • Sustainable successful sales teams should not be initimdated into selling more products and services.
  • Sales should not be an "up and out" career path.
  • Good sales people want to stay with their team forever because they are well managed.
  • Successful sales messaging does not require gimmicks - it requires patience and a willingness to listen to what customers need.
  • Bad sales people fire themselves because they either follow the process or they don't.
  • Sales people are not "born", they are built. There are so few "A" players that any good team is made up of well-educated "B" players. And that's OK.
  • Despite the general perception most sales people have, sales success is not the "exception that proves the rule".

In this website, I've set out to document and share what I've learned about selling, sales management and sales process. My objective is to convince sales managers that there is a pragmatic no-nonsense approach to sales management that works despite the hype and emotionality that sometimes goes with managing a sales team. I also hope that people accessing this site will contribute to what I have started here. There is always more to learn.


Digital Content

My other passion is creating content. In addition to this website, I also write blogs, white papers and other social media content for individuals and businesses looking to build communications for their customers or to develop intellectual capital. I created this website after a good friend educated me about Joomla, which is the open-source CMS product I used to build this site.

I create and build content for sales orgainzations as part of MBA4Sales because having the right conversation with the customer is more than half the battle. I have found that sales people fail despite years of training and "management", because they still say the wrong things to potential prospects and customers.

You will also find more information about Digital Content Services here.