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Are You Prepared to Win the Sales Race?

In his famous essay The Law of Accelerating Returns, Raymond Kurzweil wrote that the speed of technological innovation and competition ultimately drives down product costs at an ever-accelerating rate, forcing them to become commodities. In today’s market, there is plenty of hype about accelerating sales – all you need is that silver bullet marketing tool or social media tactic so your sales reps can instantly close deals!

The blunt reality is that many of these tools commoditize sales efforts because they fail to address the fundamentals of sales effectiveness. Often, business leaders don’t recognize that creating high speed sales organizations requires unique skills, many of which are not in their repertoire. It’s like assuming you know how to drive a Formula 1 race car because you drive fast on the freeway!

Here are five fundamental questions you must answer to build a high-speed Sales team:

  1. Is your sales process designed for speed, not urgency?
  2. Does your sales comp plan incentivize your team to accelerate sales?
  3. Do your marketing efforts align with selling or create friction within Sales?
  4. Do your Sales Managers use appropriate tools and techniques to develop highly successful sales people that sell at optimum speed?
  5. Do your sales communications and prospecting efforts attract new buyers, or confuse them?

The purpose of this site is to share best practices ideas, thought leadership and practical techniques that you can use as a sales person, sales manager or business leader to improve your sales organization, and more important, accelerate revenue.

At the end of the day, this body of knowledge is what I believe you need to get your MBA for Sales.







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Sales-in-a-Box is an easy
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